Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review


UX/UI design for the Blind site. Overview of design concepts when it comes to laying out your web page. Blind design portfolio review with Chris Do and Jaime …



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that when I visit the Blind site, I now get where things came from and some of the decisions made for it to be whole. I'm creating a site now and this helps a lot. Thanks for all the tips. Inspiring work!

  2. Great video ! I had a question : Once the webpages are designed by the designer and hands it over to the developer , there are some compromises to be made with the one we designed and the one the latter is gna develop. How do we set a balance in here ? Be nice if you could do a video with the designer and developer working on a live project and discussing on the same ! Thanks !

  3. The Futur… Gotta say i'm watching your content for the last couple of days… U give away too much information for free… i have yet to find a video that wasn't teaching me / clearifying stuff, and i do indeed have a design and arts education (rusty but still…). Keep it up especially the Mix between design and business, between type-nerdery and cold money-decision-thinking is very very enlightening… Chris i really look up to you, and u give me hope that if you do this job right, you might be able to avoid becoming a pragmatic money-hungry cynic.