Horizon Zero Dawn Review


Is Aloy’s adventure worth taking or is it bound to go extinct much like the ancient dinosaurs? (not the robot ones) Find out in our GameSpot review!



  1. who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to have a lame-looking futuristic machine dinosaurs? make them normal idiots because those designs look horrible. also having to use a bow throughout the whole game really? that's stupid and boring as hell having to shoot one arrow at a time. can't stand bows especially after watching the trash that is arrow show. let's hope death stranding can redeem this shit

  2. I love this game, I got the collectors edition and platinumed it in no time. There were only a couple of things I didn't like; the game was shorter than I expected, some enemies were easier to defeat than expected (I had no problem with the thunderjaw; the rockbreakers were definitely the hardest enemies) and the caps on leveling up system (I guess this ties in with gameplay). I'm looking forward to the dlc and hoping it won't be short. Despite this, I recommend this game to everyone. It's amazing!

  3. I wish they had put WAY MORE FOCUS on the melee aspect of the character…or defensiveness.

    I mean the system was basically slow attack and fast.. with a limited combo system which is a mistake when all of Aloy's animations were GORGEOUSLY DONE. It imposed this VERY inflexible combat system (like an fps but slow) instead. The contrast of how she fights and how she moves is astonishing really. I can imagine Aloy holding a Sword-staff and kicking but while playing out arrows and traps for the bigger battles as supplement.

    Also…Aloy was too sarcastic It was funny…but it also meant most of the game she seems a bit cold. I like her but I don't love her.

  4. was afraid with all the women-themed areas in Horizon (mother's embrace, mother's heart, etc), that they'd shove some kinda "women-power" crap in ur face constantly. fortunately, Aloy us not that. she's assertive at times, but not how females are usually made to be to prove some kind of point, the "I can do anything a man can do & better…..it's my way cuz I say so" type.
    though, it seems, so far, that only the men (not all) are the a-holes & good-for-nothing types. no mention of any importance of a father, either.

  5. I want this game so bad. But my wallet is already running dry real fast because of the numerous great releases this year. Then there is Persona 5 this April, I guess it's time to get 2 jobs.