How I started as a Small Business Web Developer


This video is about how I started as a small business web designer.



  1. Hello there Danny, I am in a position where I need to supplement my income from my full time job and have decided to create websites for a particular market of local small businesses. I don't have a background in design/coding so I was planning to start off using WordPress to create the sites so that I can begin generating income more quickly. Would it be worth my time to learn other languages and transition away from using WordPress? If so, what language(s) should I start with?

  2. Hello Danny, Do you create CMS for each website you make for your clients or they ask you to change something in their websites as needed? If you do not create any cms, how can a client maintain his blog post?

  3. My goodness, we started our web design business at the same time… I was using FrontPage 97 -> NetObjects Fusion -> Dreamweaver …. > …. > …. now I'm on Visual Studio Code/ Visual Studio 2015/2017 and Sublime/Brackets.

  4. Great video Danny! Thanks. I've been self-studying in web development progressively since April 2015 and I now feel about ready to begin looking for a junior role.

    However, do you believe people can start out part-time self-employed by doing sites here and there without ever being an EMployed dev? It sounds like it's possible to run a S-E business primarily building CMS sites, as opposed to having to become a full-stack developer before going freelance. What do you think? I've subscibed BTW! 🙂

  5. I went to college for web development. Two years. Let this sink in:


    They go home and use YouTube just like you. I learned fuck all for thousands. Pay for Udemy courses at the most. They are cheap and a lot more extensive.

  6. Hi Danny,
    Great video with many interesting tips.
    I have just seen your website, and I like it very much.
    Can you please let me know what technologies, languages and/or frameworks you have used to do it?
    Can you also tell me what tools you use to make the graphical design and where you find the inspiration. Do you have any art skills or just ask someone else to do it for you?

  7. So, you taught yourself: Image editing, Graphic designing, Video editing, Web coding, marketing all by yourself. Amaaaaaazing. I guess there is more to you and you are being modest about it.
    Keep inspiring.
    I got just a laptop and a screen. Someday I will get the NAS(I envy you :P)

  8. Can you go over how you might go about differentiating your websites for clients from the ones that they can go create in website builders such as Wix. I been looking to get practice but they all want something that they can't just go to and create it.