How to Become a Freelance Web Designer


Do you want to become a freelance web designer? Great! I’m sharing some informative tips that will help you be successful on your journey to becoming a …



  1. I'm 20 and I started college (majoring in marketing) but I had to stop going because of family issues. So basically I'm like a year and some change behind of everybody else I graduated high school with who went straight to college. My family situation is much better right now so now it's time for me to go back to college. I'm also trying to start my own skin Care line and seriously me trying to start my business has made me think about switching to website design ! I have my website (I use shopify) and I use their templates and I'm literally so picky about my website. I've changed it at least 10 times. Then I think it looks perfect but I always find a small detail I hate but I don't know how to change it because I don't know how to code. Working on my website as showed me how much I actually enjoy working on websites and graphics. I can go get my degree is website design and start two businesses. My skin care line and being a freelance web designer and make $$$$

  2. Hi, I'm working towards doing freelance web development. For the contract do you need a lawyer or is that something you can do yourself? Also is it hard to get clients? That's one thing I worry about for freelance is the stability