How to make a great gaming keyboard for $40 or less (THE LINEAR BIGFOOT)


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  1. My GF and I found a pair of new old stock AT101s for $40 bucks a piece. We thought it was worth the cost for those lovely alps switches, and for the feeling of a brand new keyboard. I'll try this on mine soon!

  2. +Chryosan22 any suggestions where to get nice old keyboards. i have been mainly looking online because when i go elsewhere, i mainly find old rubber domes with sliders. i'm really hoping for a model M and would opt for a unicomp as it is close enough to the old style. ( i say close enough because even in your reviews you have presented the differences between the generations)

    btw i live in Canada so most US imports are expensive and to ship a unicomp would just be way too much

  3. Active PS/2 to USB converters aren't all that great because holding down keys only works for a few seconds. For example, when you hold down the W key in a game, the character walks forward for a few seconds and stops until you lift your finger and hold down the key again. Or maybe it's just my adapter.

    Additionally, Windows doesn't detect the adapter at boot (but the BIOS does for some reason) and you are forced the unplug and plug the USB cable back into your computer at every boot. Linux works fine though.

  4. Doesn't the Dell AT101W only contain a 2 key rollover? This would be terrible for gaming. Is there any confirmed way (mods) to fix this issue? I don't care about NKRO, but I really need at least a 5 key rollover for my ideal type of alps keyboard.

  5. Just found one the other in a Missouri thrift store for $2! Can't wait to get it done. So for less than $40 now have a black & beige and both are in great shape. Love your vids man!

  6. At 1:05 you seem to have a black one with german QWERTZ layout (with ÖÄÜß)

    May I ask you if you want to sell it and whats your pricing for it?

    I've recently found a brandnew old Dell SK-8000 for sale – but that's already rubberdome, right?
    It looks a little like the never Dell / Wyse KB-3926 if used a few years ago.

    Kind regards

  7. Here's a trick:

    1: Go to the local used goods store.
    2: Find an old keyboard in the Electronic section of the store.
    3: Buy the keyboard and use the keyboard.

    git gud for 5-10 dollars

  8. I've been trying to buy 1 of these keyboards for a while now with no luck.
    I think you might have made them very sort after making this video :S

  9. for opening the switches, I advise getting bamboo cuticle pushers; they're more than likely going to get more milage than toothpicks and cocktail sticks, cheaper, and more easily found/accessible. I only just found this video, but I figured you would see the comment anyway and possibly try it out 🙂 thanks for all the fascinating videos!

  10. I found a keyboard that has white alps, NTC KB-6251. Do you think I could do a similar mod with similar results? Being in Canada my options are quite limited when it comes to local computer shops, and shipping is way too expensive.

  11. Welp, even with an active PS2 to USB connector the keyboard is useless until I drop another 40 bucks on a Soarers converter. Can't press more than one key in game so even walking is a chore.

  12. I have a problem i found keyboard with din 5 pinout so i bought connector with din 5 female and ps/2 male on the other side but when i plug it it doesnt work . I restarted my pc but it worked only before the pc started also i opened bios to check if the ps/2 is disabled but it was good . Can u tell me can i change it to usb what do i do ?? ?!! (model KB-6251)