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Wireframing is the first stage of the web design process, and in this video I show you how I do it and give you some advice! Please remember to subscribe …



  1. Please make a deep video on wireframe such as what will be the grid size and the small small components u use…. it will be helpful …. I'm getting more interested to learn wireframes Thumbs up for the amazing content 👍

  2. Did u ever skip wireframing and directly do sketch on your laptop? To be honest, i always skip it. I just remember on my brain. And do u agree with my method? If not, tell me the worst part. Thanks, and i love your video.

  3. Hi Charli – I really liked the way your helped us think in the designer way. For a long time, I was struggling to find the right design for my product, I am lucky to find your video. I especially like the idea of having 8 or more designs to a single page. Loved it Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks for this!! Trying to complete an assignment for OU module and needed ideas on Wireframes and what to include for 'rough sketch'. This really helped. Very clear and concise!!

  5. I recently started using sketch. Never done any design stuff before, but I I find it very interesting. I am not sure if I should start with design for web or design for mobile ? My intention is to jump start a mini project and see where it takes me.. Any advise ? thanks. Your channel is amazing btw 🙂

  6. Hi!
    I'm from Brazil and just arrived on your channel following tips from Roberto Blake on his channel and I'm appreciating your knowledge!
    Nowadays I'm preparing myself to move to New Zealand with a objective to work on design too and I must to say thank you so much to being and share all these tips!
    = )

  7. Hi Charlie, I'm a new subscriber from the Silicon Valley. You have helped me as a humble example in design, so thank you for that. You have a lot of videos describing your design process, but broken apart. You think you could do a brief video explaining all your pieces together of the whole design process. That'd be awesome! Thank you!

  8. Hi Charli 🙂 I'm in LOve with your videos. Can you please make a seperate video on different steps includes in the web design process without coding (if that's actually not neccessary).Bcoz. i have searched and watched a lot of videos and they all include a step of coding after wireframing and mockup that make me feel like coding is actually very very importand for web designing.I also watched your video on difference between Web designing and Web development but m still confused.So, that would me be really helpful if you make a seperate video on steps included in web designing without coding as i want to learn web designing and not the coding part if that's not neccessary.

  9. hey, is it really always the case that you've got the content before you start wireframing? is wireframing maybe also possible with just the topics (like Welcome, About us, Our Projects, Contact …)

    thanks for this really helpful video 🙂