HP Omen X 17t – Best Value GTX 1080 Gaming Laptop? – UNBOXED


i7 7820hk/ GTX 1080 gaming Note book – the HP Omen X 17t is probably one of the best valued, desktop replacement, laptops you can get. Currently at $2060 direct from HP. It can be configured…



  1. I've been using it for a month now and I must say: I love it!! The keyboard is amazing and the design as well. One thing that bothers me is that it got to 88 degrees playing For Honor and I had it on balanced mode. I turned the computer on power saving mode if this will help reduce the heat. Nice review BTW!

  2. Hey, I'm considering the hp omen 17t. It has a gtx 1070 and a 4k panel all for $1499 (It's on sale). What I was wondering is if there was anything deal breaking about this machine. Thanks

  3. Which one will perform better in games HP Omen X 17t or Acer Predator 17x, on ultra and 4K graphics. I was just sure that I will buy the Acer Predator 17x but I saw the HP omen x 17t. On heavy title like the Witcher 3, Ghost Racon Wildland, Battlefield 1 and Assassin's creed Origins!

  4. Mine came in last Friday, just sent it back today (had it for 3 days). Quality control was off the day they assembled mine. Screen when down was lower on left side than right (wasn't flush with back heatsink housing), small gouge in between aluminum top plate and right trackpad button, keyboard was extremely inconsistent from key to key (W was much more clicky and resistant than any other key, the T was hardly audible and mushy), no 2 keys seemed to feel the same. Trackpad also had a dead spot on the lower left area about an 1/8th inch diameter that wouldn't register a touch (tech support recommended sending unit back as driver reinstall didn't help). Was really looking forward to this laptop. Mine had a gtx1070, power brick is much smaller than the one shown here, charged while playing witcher 3 at mostly ultra settings (in response to another person that experienced his laptop discharging while under load and plugged in). Took bottom panel off to install ssd and found a screw missing. Just really surprised that this thing cost me $1600.00 on sale. Replacement should be here in about 2 weeks or so. Haven't been able to find an actual review of the keyboard itself, and maybe I was just hoping for too much, but cherry switches they are not. I don't know, maybe I got a dud. Will post an update when it arrives. Good luck to all with their Omen X's.

  5. Hi, I just got my omen x 17t. It has exactly same configuration with urs. Can u help me about the overclocking settings. And they my laptop have 2×8 2667. It's that real, because on the website it shows only 2400 ram or 2800. Thank u, really expecting ur full review on this laptop.

  6. I want a laptop for CAD softwares(Solidworks,Hyperworks,MATLAB) and also gaming so that I can play all AAA titles with no hiccups.
    Which config?
    i7+gtx 1050(MSI GV62 7RD-2297XIN Gaming Laptop) or
    i5 +gtx 1050ti(Acer Predator Helios 300

  7. I bought the dell inspiron 7567 with an i7 7700hq and gtx 1050ti a few months ago. The cpu get very hot and power limit throttles. I told dell to fix it, and they just ignored. Do you have any advice on how to fix it?

  8. Hi Steve ! please do showcase the internal heat pipes and heat sinks in the full review and whether you think the cooling solution that hp has incorporated is as good as MSI's , I also came to know that a select few models have vapour chamber systems in them, can you check on which models do? btw I have ordered the gtx1070 version with an i7 7820HK. Thanks in advance.

  9. Can you test the speaker and earphone plugged in? Mention whether there exists annoying static sound. It seems a popular problem with this laptop. I don't know it is driver problem or something else, even design problem?