HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Photography Website – Start To Finish Web Design Tutorial





  1. Thanks for the video and the templates!! 

    I am working with this same webpage structure, but I'd like to add different languages. I know how to do it, the only problem I have is to place the "EN ES CA" on the top right side. So it would go on the opposite side of the nav bar. If you can help me I would be so grateful.

    Thank you!!

  2. I'm making a photography website for a friend, and is there a way to make the formatting of images automated, with php or javascript or something? I've made another page for an extended portfolio, but I don't want to have to manually change each individual link to the image source for the one third ports, nor the link to view it at full size.

  3. Hi Drew! Nice to meet you and thank you so much for the amazing tutorial! Could you please help me with one question? I´m finishing both Website_Layout and Website_MOBILE_Layout, but I only know how to give <link rel> for CSS Style Sheets… Is there a way I can tell my page to load my Mobile html content layout incase screen resolution is 816px or lower (those were the variables I created.) ? Please could you help me!?

    Thank you so much!

  4. I completed your third animate easy tutorial, just a heads up your starter file comes already done on your HTML file as well as your css. I guess i will just delete all of it and follow the video. cheers

  5. Bro, you are awesome! Can you please explain how I can center my images in portfolio section? When I put my images, every single image is different dimension?
    Thanks! Greetings from Serbia!

  6. Heyy Drew, Nice tutorial but what if we wanted to use images of our own how would we link them? And in the css I tried adding my out background image using the same method you used to inset the burger menu Icon but it doesn't work and my lines of code are right and the stored location as well is right so could you or anyone assist me. please and thankyou!

  7. Awesome video! Everytime I watch your tutorial, I am learning more and more.. Keep it up man! anyway, what mobile emulator are you using everytime you check for reponsiveness of the web?

  8. Please help me, i have followed your instructions but my post is still not the same as yours.
    My project encountered problems: 6 photos in the portfolio – it has no equal size and display misaligned. 🙁

  9. Hey Drew Ryan, Beautiful tutorial. Im trying to follow it up but I can't find the FB, IG, TW, G, icons to put as an href in the ul class 'social'. Can u or anyone else help me out? Thanks a lot

  10. Hey man, thanks for the awesome video… it's clear and helpful. I'm an IT student at Rutgers and one of my current electives is Web Design. We haven't specifically covered display: table/table-cell (at least not yet), so I just started to read more about it and was wondering more about your method. My guess is that you do it that way because it is more dynamic. Is that the case and if so, in what ways?