Logitech B100 Review: Best Gaming Mouse Under $10?


Can Seasonic Take On Midrange? Find out! https://goo.gl/rbNDsd –~– Looking for a budget gaming mouse? Check out this review of the Logitech B100! Logitech B100 On Amazon: http://geni.us/PJxZpG…



  1. Really the best mouse ever. Period. It is comfortable if you are a palmgrip person. I have a few of these little fuckers and each one of them have some assymetry regarding the vertical and horizontal DPI For example I measured one of them Ver.:812,DPI Hor.:795DPI. I recommend getting used to this mouse, as it is literally everywhere (even in my office which I love). Practice makes everything perfect, and although I have upgraded in the past to R.A.T. 5, I went back to this mouse as it is awesome and cheap.

  2. this has to be the simplest yet one of the best mouse in existence. it's very cheap, perfect for mass purchasing for when you need like 100 mouse for a computer lab or sth. it's durability means that it can take years of beating with no sweat, except for the logitech logo fading out of existence and the top most layer of black paint on the 2 buttons being scraped off revealing a shiny black plastic beneath. it's light enough for everyone to use while also having enough friction to stop it from sliding across the desk if you let go of it mid-swing (provided that you have a mousepad). it's the sort of mouse that can AND WILL outlast your computer.

  3. how is this mouse fucking ugly haven't you seen those expensive gaming mouse's thats so ugly they try to make it look cool this mouse for it's price it's great

  4. he'd stomp 99% of the enemy team's population until you realize you can't flickshot because of its terrible sensor.

    I'd definitely not recommend this mouse for competitive play. Buy a g100s instead.

  5. I don't get it, how is this mouse ugly? Surely you haven't seen those absurd, expensive gaming mouses which look absolutely ridiculous? For a standard computer mouse at cheap price this is great looking mouse.