Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard Unboxing & Overview


The G19s from Logitech takes everything that was good about the G19 and modernizes it with advanced durable materials and special coatings to achieve fingerprint resistance and long life. …



  1. found the keyboard at my old warehouse !
    but it seems not having the power cable to turn on the keyboard lighting and the screen. Anybody know where to buy the power cable connector ?

  2. I'm very happy about that I switched from my G19. At the end of a usage span from over 2 years, I couldn't type on it anymore. It had serious keyshine and the membrane buttons were woren out. It's also bloody hard to clean because of the non-floating key design. At the end I couldn't clean it completely. I've now swtiched from my G19 to a Corsair STRAFE with mx blues. Never have been happier.

  3. Lol I just bought this keyboard today, and even though it has amazing typing comfort, I have to say that the support that Logitech has for it is amazingly shit. I can literally find almost no apps for it…and the YT function doesn't work under Windows 10.

  4. Probably the most beautiful keyboard design-wise even with cheap plastic material all-over. Looks lovely on my table paired with G502 mouse. With attached palm rest looks even cooler but the practical usage of it is awkward for me. Tactility feel is not as good as on MS Sidewinder X4 but still fair enough and usable. Media controls are cool. I hate mechs so hopefully this one will serve me well for next several years until quality membane/scissor start appearing on the market again.

  5. I bought the G510S, which is essentially that keyboard, but with an LED screen instead and doesn't tilt (which I wish it did)
    Love the keyboard though. I would give it 9/10 because the backspace button is starting to squeak a little, and the keys are a tad loud when typing, and there is some rattling. But love it anyways.

  6. Had this keyboard for a few months.  Would not buy it again.  Dislike – No digital clock, very few applets, backlighting is not bright, volume roller is cheap and has no clicks so you cant easily go back to the volume you had before.  Would prefer mechanical keys.  Otherwise everything works like a normal keyboard.  Nothing is great about this keyboard.

  7. I have been a Logitech fan since I started PC gaming way back when. I've owned the Logitech G15 two tone for 8 years now. I am sad to say I will be moving on from Logitech and switching from membrane to mechanical. Logitech make great keyboards, however, they are way too expensive for being membrane and membrane keyboards are terrible for gaming. I was hoping Logitech would have a great mechanical keyboard by now, but I am sad to say that the G710+ is a terrible mechanical keyboard. Build quality is not that good. G19 has lot's of features, but I can't see myself paying $100+ for a membrane.