Logitech G700s Wireless Gaming Mouse Review


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  1. I wish I could find a mouse that was as sleek and functional as this mouse these days. Everything that comes close still falls short. Either with lack of ergonomics, lack of wired/wireless interchangeability, lack of buttons or too many that aren't conveniently placed. I've had the g700 for 5 years now and I still love it but it's beginning to show it's age with how much I've used it.

  2. Mine after 2 years of consistent use is pretty much trash now, some side buttons didnt work for a while and the 3 buttons by the lmb dont work anymore. Youre gonna wanna just buy some other mouse if youre planning to use this on a daily basis. The shape is really nice honestly but the weight is a s s. Sensor is meh but you might as well get something better.

  3. Used that mouse for around 1 year. The battery was barely making it through one day with a daily use of around 6-8 hours. Using it with the cable plugged in was also not a really pleasant experience as the usb cable was much sturdier than the normal mouse cables, making your aim in shooters worse and your overall precision with the mouse pretty bad. Also having to adjust all the time between the cabled being plugged in and therefore having a larger resistance and using it wireless with no resistance is very annoying.

  4. After few years I just sold it to buy G900 😉 But regarding scroll wheel, for me left and right move was OK! And never scrolled wheel accidentaly, BUT! I scrolled quite often when I central click it! Otwerwise, it was very good mice with really good buttons design! I used ALL buttons even in FPS like Battlefield 3, 4, 1… For knife, ammo, granade, map, all weapons etc… 😉

  5. I have this mouse, and it plays really well, but there's one problem with it. The durability of the buttons for the thumb is pretty bad, I broke the same button (although I do use it more intensely than other buttons) twice in 1.5 years, and that pisses me off.

  6. One Of the Crappiest mouse I ever owned in my life, Disappointing battery life, Low wireless range…… So fucked up mouse for expensive price bracket,,,, Logitech should recall this crap & give our money back!

  7. If anyone uses software like AutoCad or Maya or any 3D/CAD softwares I would highly recommend this mouse. Heaps of opportunity to add macros and tools to the buttons. No issues with mine except the mouse battery that came with the mouse doesnt hold charge for 5 minutes after 6 months of wireless daily use, not really an issue though. And if you have had any wrist/hand pains working long hours, this mouse feels pretty awesome and I havnt had any pains at all.

  8. It's a good moues but the software is shit, every couple weeks it just completely resets any preferences you have saved such as DPI or hotkeys. For this reason I wouldn't recommend this mouse, even though it has a very comfortable shape.

  9. Hi, need muse for designing software like photoshop, indesign. What you recommend (I think about: Logitech G602, 700s or Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX ) What the best?
    I think most about 6002 or 700 they have more buttons.

  10. My G700s started to produce what can best be described and a random dragging or scraping feeling. I have a Razer Vespula mouse pad which has a rough a smooth side to it. No matter which side I use, the G700s will completely randomly start to feel like its moving across sand paper. This first time it happened it felt like the battery door was coming off it was so pronounced it actually startled me. After quite a bit on inspection I have determined that its actually the ON/OFF switch that is getting looser and dropping below the pads which in turn is causing it to drag. Not much that can be done about it unfortunately. Its only about 1 year old.

  11. Someone help me please, my g700s stopped working last night, it was working fine one second, then it stopped moving the cursor.

    I've tried EVERYTHING. New batteries, on and off multiple times, power cord, everything. Can someone help me??