Logitech Prodigy Gaming Mouse & Keyboard – Simple Yet Sexy


The new Prodigy gear brings pro features to the masses with the G213 keyboard and G403 mouse! Let’s see how these products fair within Logitech’s own line …



  1. So… I'm looking to upgrade from the original ss rival, and my main pick currently is the g403, anybody have any recommendations? I would like to be able to adjust very quickly, because my old mouse is now unusable and I have an overwatch tournament very soon. I would also like to use it as an opportunity to get a newer and better mouse, instead of just getting another rival or rival 300.

  2. I really can't decide…. G Pro or G403 i like claw grip and i have 15.6cm. Can someone help me? Cuz i can't really test those mouses because there are no stores with it in it and im from italy… That is pretty poor when talking about gaming gear.

  3. Thank you so much for the review. I have just picked this combo up at NewEgg for $80. I was worrying this is overpriced but with your stamp, I am very happy with the purchase. Keep up the good work! Love all your reviews even I don't have the money to buy 99% of the products here xD

  4. Hey, pretty late to this. But I've had countless of Logitech's mice. Recently I've had the Logitech G502, Logitech G900 and now I bought the G403 wired one. Though it feels weird, the gliders are a bit off. It feels like my mousepad has dirt on or the gliders are really really old. Though when I play with it, I don't notice it, it just feels uncomfterble at first, can't really explain it.

    Often when you buy a new mice you never though it would ever be so smooth on your mousepad again, though the one I bought feels old or somewhat damaged with the gliders, but as I said, it doesn't really affect gameplay or anything but just the sound / thinking something is underneath my mouse is really bothering me psychologically.

    Anyone got the same issue when they bought the mouse, is it normal or did I just get a bad example of the mouse?

  5. PRO GAMERS SHOULD MAKE REVIEWS, THOSE VIDEO REVIEWS DUDES DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT SENSORS, THE SONSOR OF THIS MOUSE IS JUST AWFUL, THE PRECISION WITH TINY MOVEMENTS IS AWFUL please dont buy this mouse, the sensor really is bad, i buy it and make a lot of tests with my old mouse, and the result in this mouse was awful