Mafia III – Review


While there’s nothing quite like shooting your way out of a swampy section of the bayou, Scott covers the repetition that plagues Mafia III’s rich narrative.



  1. A 6? This review is a fucking joke. I just finished the game and it's a solid 8. Listening to these guys for review advice is like asking a pro basketball player for advice in football. These guys clearly have no credibility as game reviewers and don't know what they're even talking about.

  2. 👏👏 well done gamespot , all these ignorant people in the comment section are complaint about the score , but clearly haven't played the game from start to finish .
    The game begins of great probably the best part of the game but after the main plot roles , that is when the game turns from a 9 to a 5 at best ('in my opinion ) because it is just TOO REPETITIVE , probably the most repetitive game I have ever played , no exaggeration.
    Secondly , you always run out of ammo as you can only use 2 guns.
    Game crashes a lot
    Game has shit graphics
    The game is laggy

  3. I'm sorry but the story alone which is amazing should get this at least up to an 8. It is buggy but it's all patched now, no fast travel is annoying, repetive gameplay is somewhat annoying but I can deal, but the story is absolutely out of this world, it is the best story in a video game this year.

  4. 6/10?

    what didn't have enough gay emotional story telling or weab shit? I thought it was awesome. No bullshit. Just an awesome action shooter that doesn't flower it up with bullshit missions that I don't care about.

  5. if you praise the story for this game, gamespot. You should get out of this industry, because your just talking out of your ass. The only good thing about this game is the side missions, stealth, the way you can kill of enemies ,the characters in the game and soundtrack. Everything else is mediocre af. Story is average, nothing more. ''Exceptional story'' my ass GS… why are you still in this industry tbh?

  6. I'm still waiting for a price drop before i pick this one up.I am willing to give this one a shot. Same thing happened with Mad Max, whilst most of the reviews were not that great I really had a blast playing it.

  7. I couldn't even finish it, I traded it in and put it towards Dishonored 2 pre order. The shooting and driving aren't bad, but you are literally doing the same shit over and over again and it got so boring. It's a shame cause this game could have been good, the setting, story, and core gameplay are all good. The missions don't feel like epic story missions, they feel like side missions. The entire game feels like a bunch of side missions. and there is nothing to do outside the main story, I don't see why they even bothered making it an open world game.

  8. Mafia 3 is fucking terrible… such a let down.. rushed out and lacks final polish…. but the greatest sin is BORING ..repeated missions which are all the same. that is unforgiveable… what happened to pre-release reviews??? did the makers know it was rubbish?

  9. I like the game its better than the first 2 games however I did not enjoy the Vietnam aspects to this game makes me and my brothers look bad. I hate this cut off by the game, while playing the game it will cut you off and blast you back to your XB1 profile page which SUCKS a patch is needed but none is coming.