Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review


The unlikely collision of Mario and Rabbid franchises is delightfully charming, and features a deeply satisfying turn-based tactics system. Read Edmond’s in-depth review on https://w…



  1. Even though I don’t really like the Rabbids (I don’t hate them either, their ok. At least their better than Minions), they did add some humor to this game that Mario could have never had. I don’t regret getting this game 😁

  2. Excellent review, watched the IGN review before this one and tge Gamespot review is so much more professional and informative. Sounds like a game I need to be buying.

  3. There's a pricing error on best Buy right now, this game is being sold for $30! Buy it now but hurry before they find out! Already ordered mine for store pickup.

  4. I am actually shocked Gamespot out all places gave a proper review!! IGN sucks so bad and I have noticed recently Gamespot's review actually more consistent and spot on!!! Hmmmmm