Nicalis Announces Crystal Crisis on Switch, A Competitive Crossover Puzzle Game – News


Nicalis is more than happy to use all the licenses under its umbrella and is making that clear with Crystal Crisis for the Nintendo Switch.

Seemingly taking off Capcom’s seminal Puzzle Fighter, Crystal Crisis combines a lot of Nicalis-published properties like Cave Story, Binding of Isaac, Code of Princess, guest characters like the TurboDuo spokesman Johnny Turbo and Astro Boy, and even characters from games Nicalis has yet to announce yet.

The game is actually more similar to the recent and recently shutdown Puzzle Fighter on mobile phones with a burst gauge that builds up to special moves. You can check out a trailer below and see how the game functions.

Crystal Crisis comes out on Switch digitally and physically as a budget title later this Fall.

[Source: Nicalis Blog]


Our Take
At first this seemed a little uneventful with Blade Strangers also happening, but Johnny Turbo and Astro Boy are some weird additions that make it more interesting.

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