NieR: Automata Review


Is NieR’s latest entry worth your time or does it NieR-ly get by as passible? Find out in our GameSpot review! Read Miguel’s in-depth review: …



  1. errr there is no need to combine weapon attacks or do combos. Spaming light attack with any leveled short sword is more than enough to obliterate even final bosses without effort.

  2. Some may love this, but having to play the game over a second time as the side character really sucks IMO. I know the game is supposed to get better on the THIRD play through, but honestly, for me, it's not even worth having to play as "9S." I hate his gameplay, the hacking sucks…..and I also can't stomach this character. Again, just my opinion. I'll be selling this game quite soon

  3. Those kids that are making their little dicks a little more bigger because they think that PS4 is better because it have more exclusives (even if it;'s already on PC xD)

    While normal adults are enjoying themselfs having a very good PC machine and console for exclusieves 😀

    Grow up kids.

  4. Gotta say I'm really loving all these new stylized games coming out recently. So much more engaging than just throwing more pixels on the screen to make it look pretty but having no substance.

  5. Wayyy better better and far more accurate review than IGN's. No complaints here, I would just give it a 10 because I love animes and this game feels like you're playing a well written anime.

  6. Would rather this tubby mouth breather reviewer give me organic opinions rather than highlight his terrible delivery by reading a poorly contrived script of verbose garbage. IGN does the same crap

  7. I'm sorry bit a 9 is a bit nuts, after playing through the game to get all of the 5 main endings it's pretty clear the game is like an 8. Way too many assets and gameplay reused for such little pay off on the second playthrough and the gameplay while enjoyable gets stale about 15 hours in when there is nothing left to upgrade. The music is top notch (very ghost in the shell) but not enough tracks.

  8. Nier's story is actually still part of the drakengard series, dont ask me how they went from a fantasy rpg with magic and dragons to a scifi with robots in a dystopian future. its confusing storyline makes metalgear look like harrypotter

  9. they shit all over the original neir for its redundant fetchquests, similar environments and boring characters, but when this game does the exact same thing it's fine. ok.

  10. You do realise the chip system is the representation of the characters software not the little pod following you….just remove the operating system chip to find that out XD

  11. i found getting to ending 4 was when i found out everything i could, it was the most beautiful story i think i played in along time, and if u haven't play it i really would say to do so its a beautiful story with a weird understanding in the game

  12. Visually, this reminds me a lot of the 2014 movie called Automata. The robot faces are very similar to those in the movie and 2B's hairstyle also looks very similar to the sex robot in the movie. Coincidences? Hmmmmmmmmm…