Nintendo Switch: A Deep Dive with Reggie Fils-Aimé


We sat down with the Nintendo exec to talk about the Switch’s pack-in games, online functionality, smartphone app, and a whole lot more. Subscribe to …



  1. I love Nintendo. Reggie talks about getting the financials right briefly, but you can tell that Nintendo are all about perfecting the art form really. Producing masterpiece gaming. The best company on the planet. Yes, I know that they're cut-throat. They only can be because they are the best.

  2. METROID is one thing, super smash bros, Pokémon and third party fps are vital games for Nintendo to stay alive and gain back the confidence of their gamers.
    Because I didn't give any money to Nintendo for the past 10-15 years since the GC and GBA.. its Time to prove it this time, that the content is gonna be here and that people who see PS4 and xbox as the standard start looking the other way. So make that Star Wars battlefront for switch, make those big Nintendo hits. I can't stress enough about these ESSENTIAL games.
    But well, Reggie concludes that it's up to people to decide what the games are gonna be, by rushing to get the switch with Zelda, and that's a no for me.

    Announce us those games, do it fast because I don't know where it's gonna be in just 6 months, and Nintendo might die for good along with this last console. I hope not, I really hope there is still a bit of time to pull off that amazing metroid, Pokémon and others eternal licenses.

  3. Reggie is pretty cool, a lot people slate him but I think Nintendo Japan probably make a lot of decisions that he is not 100% on board with. Problem is Nintendo Japan runs the show.

  4. Kudos to Nintendo for packing everything in, and at a price of $299. Pretty impressive. Especially considering the kind of tech you're getting.

    Just before the PS4 launched, Sony removed an effective component (Eye Toy 2) from its package and the deal still came in at $100 more than the Switch. Microsoft tried to keep the Kinect 2 packed in, but it brought the XB1's price to $500. Eventually the company had to remove it, and sell it separately. Nintendo could have made the same missteps, but didn't. It says something about their ability to keep their visions for gaming accessible.