Nintendo’s Magnificent Comeback – 2017 Year in Review


We look back at Nintendo’s year, including the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the SNES Classic, and the smaller successes of the 3DS. Subscribe to GameSpot!…



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  2. "Nintendoism" is a great term, as much as I love Nintendo they seem to operate totally in isolation from the rest of the industry. I know they don't, but sometimes it appears that they do.

    What I really want to see from Nintendo in 2018 is:

    * A Gameboy classic (Certainly not N64 classic for various reasons.)
    * Replacement to the 3DS that isn't a 2 screen portable, I want a Gameboy branded portable that's one screen and hearkens back to the Advance era which to me is still the best portable they've ever made.

  3. According to sales the PS4 was the platform of choice, but your choice of words "for a lot of people" makes your statement still true – but could be said about any platform it was released on. Maybe try not to be misleading? Although I'm surprised it wasn't the platform of choice due to its handheld capability, even if you don't use it out in public it'd still be nice to play in bed or on the toilet… Okay, maybe not that 2nd one…

  4. I have stuck with Xbox over the past decade because all my friends are on Live and I'm more of an FPS/Horror enthusiast myself. I will probably never buy a Switch. That said, I am so, so, sooo happy that Nintendo is doing well. Nintendo's platform has always been about the games. I started to worry when Xbox pitched itself as an eSports and TV machine a few years back, and I have started to feel like there aren't as many games I am interested in on the console anymore. I'm also extremely annoyed with gutted games that are trying to be AAA mobile microtransaction money makers. Their treatment of the halo master chief collection was the biggest slap in the face to fans I could have come up with. So yeah, I hope Nintendo keeps it up and maybe just maybe when prices drop a little more I will pick up this console.

  5. I just want Nintendo to make good games for all their other franchises: Star Fox, Metroid, Luigi’s Mansion, Fire Emblem, Yoshi, Kirby, etc. I’d also love to see a definitive Mario Party and Mario Sports game.

  6. I have 0 interest in the Switch as I am not into handhelds, and wanted a traditional Nintendo console with at min PS4 specs and the Switch is non of that, but it is great to see Nintendo back doing well. I got Zelda on the Wiiu so I did not need a Switch to play essentially the same game. This is great for all console gamers, that Nintendo is doing well. I want all the console makers to do well.

  7. Best console i have had with my PC in a long while. Being able to grab it from dock to handheld effortlessly is awesome. So many good games for first year. It still needs work, but it has so much potential.