Nioh Review


Hacking and slashing through demons never felt so good. Nioh is an action game that is clearly a cut above the rest. Read Miguel’s in-depth review: …



  1. Is this a return to form for Team Ninja? I haven't heard of this game. After NG3 though, I'm surprised it is good. Is it anything like Ng2? Obviously it's like From Software's games (looks almost like it is ripped from them).

  2. Can you turn off those numbers that show your damage? Honestly things like that ruins a whole game for me. I guess it's from all my MMORPG playing back in the day, I just can't stand it anymore.

  3. Just picked this up after hearing all the good things. I've never played any of the Souls games, they just never interested me, I'm hoping I'm not in over my head. Can't be flinging my controller out the window. Windows and controllers cost money I don't have right now!

  4. For Honor or Nioh?

    -FH imo, isn't quite worth the tag imo but I like the mutiplayer elements as I mostly play BF1 and DS so I kind of think thee's a good casual balance there.
    -I don't like the thought of getting Nioh just to get 50 hours in and become tired of trying – currently stuck in Anor Londo (dark souls) and need to keep farming o_o

  5. is this worth checking out for someone who's not really an action rpg fan, but lives and dies by Ninja Gaiden Black/Sigma? really love deep melee combat, and the telltale startup frames for enemy attacks with good dodging reminds me of home(ninja gaiden), but im not sure how much leveling/equipment management is required.