OPTICAL VS LASER | Which Gaming Mouse is best for PC Gaming?


The age old question, Optical VS Laser Gaming Mice, which is better? Between Laser and Optical Gaming mice, which has the better sensor for FPS Gaming?



  1. You relly have no idea what you are talking about, the ammount of acceleration in lanser mice are so minor like in sensei or even not prezent at all that you wont notice any difference, this is all placebo in your head, until Zowe showd up in 2013-2014 all pro gamers used laser mice like sensei than the optical get back in glory

  2. A little over 3 years ago your best gaming option would be 8200dpi laser since optical typically did not get high DPIs at the time. Today 2016 Optical gets a LOT more DPI. and 3 years ago i bought a taipan 8.2k dip laser which is now slurring every 15 minutes randomly when i move it too fast. Time to get a new mouse.. going opitacal for 12kdpi now i suppse

  3. "A lot more accurate"

    Seriously? If an optical mouse is a lot more accurate than a laser one, the laser mouse must've had a terrible sensor. High quality laser mice have got no acceleration and theres such little difference between them and an optical.

  4. Nice video, you earn an sub. I have a question, i play fps only rainbow six siege and moba. Which mouse should I get ? Mamba te or da chroma ? I just play for fun not competitive. I need a mouse that I can able to use for almost 2 years. Under 50€. Mamba cost 50 and da 42€.