Patriot Viper V760 Gaming Keyboard Review


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  1. Can i put certain keys in a color and make an effect that when i press them the color will change to another?
    example: i have "wasd" keys on red, but when i press them they switch to white and then come back to white.

  2. im having some problems i had the lights on for like 3nights on the rainbow afect then they turned off and wont work again, i checked the cables and stuff still couldent find the problem, can u help ?

  3. I've owned this keyboard for a few months and I can't stress how good it is! Although the wrist rest is to small for my gigantic hands, wrists rest on my desk and my hands arc over it, so I keep it off haha!

  4. This keyboard costs 90JD (126 usd) if delivered to Jordan, but there's Razer blackwidow x tournament edition for 100JD (140 usd) which is 10JD (14 usd) more, is it worth getting the patriot over razer or should I spend extra for the razer keyboard?
    And yes.. I know, Jordan is so expensive.

  5. I like that I wish my Razor keyboard can do that without using the software. The problem with software is too much update and I hardly use it too lazy to go in and setup things up. I might get this keyboard, looks nice too. One thing I don't like is the silver color kinda kill it for me. Thanks for the video