Photoshop Website Design Tutorial – Stylish Portfolio With Grain Texture


Hey everyone. Today’s tutorial we are going to make a stylish portfolio website design in Adobe Photoshop. Web design is based on a mix of dark gray color and …



  1. MirRom, I don't know who and where you belong but i must say that you are my teacher ….
    that i have learnt many more by you……..
    admit it i'm your student sir ………………………………

  2. Been a while since I've seen a design like this. Most websites today are employing all sorts of styles and techniques that would make it look good in all devices.

    It's doable though on small devices you would have to change the arrangement of menus, social media icons as well as the brand logo to fit the screen. And probably make the content container full width while hiding the box shadow.

    As for the background, it certainly will not look like in the PSD. Either you used one fix image, a repeating grain texture or a linear gradient but not all at the same time.