To enter the giveaway Post to Twitter a photo with your laptop in a place where you’d like to be able play games with and tag @Speirs_Official, tag @NVIDIAGeForce, and add the hashtag #GameRead…



  1. Im really exited to have a chance to win that gaming laptop, if i dont win im probably going to buy the Dell Inspirion Gaming Laptop. Sadly its a lower end gaming laptop but it will have to do untill i can get a job at some shitty Mac Donalds. Good Luck everybody (Everybody= Me). My name is TheDevilsAdvokat find me!
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  2. Speirs do u have any extra or can u see if Nvidia has any extra to give away? Im a senior in high school this year and I graduate in May and will be attending college and Im in need for a laptop especially for my school work, editing pictures, and of course the occasional games. Could you DM me if you have any extra ones? Thanks.

  3. Hello spiers I would really love this beautiful laptop it is amazing and right now I have a laptop but it's very old and is super slow and you can't game on it and I would just really love this laptop thank you and have a nice day.

  4. Hey spears,my name is Branden and I really need a a laptop. I really need a good laptop. Please spears I don't want to share why I want it but please spears I really need it. I have a laptop but this one is fast. I really need this one please I need a fast laptop please.

  5. I hate this laptop… I can’t run crap on one of these… All my games crash and my laptop crash. I wasted too much money for this. The volume is fucked up when you first start it but you need to download an update to fix it, But most of the games will crash after a while of playing it. I honestly think it’s not worth it, but it kinda is because of how fast it is. The help center is shit, so don’t even go there for help. Would rate it 3/5 so… it’s my opinion and idk about anyone else. It may just be my bad luck and just wanted say how it functions for me… I even reported this, but got no notice or anything from the company… it’s bs…

  6. Hey Speirs, I love your channel, I want a computer so bad but I don’t have the money for one. I would love one please. It will make my year 500 Times better. Love you speirs!!