Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard Review | Disappointing


The Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard is a solid keyboard. Its chiclet-style keys provide a great typing experience but an uncomfortable palm rest and …



  1. Opinion of a 2-3 years user of the Razer Deathstalker Expert:

    I bought this keyboard and after 2 years using it, i am just searching for reviews about it, cause i fucking hate it this keyboard. I was a notebook user long ago, and i didn't know much about keyboards, so i bought the Deathstalker Expert, cause i thought would be my style, and i thought that razer meant good shit. But man, i can't find any good reason to like this shitty keyboard. After a while, food get under all keys and its almost impossible to get it out, and after food gets in there, the pressing starts to be awful, it's like the keys is getting fluffy. The material that it is made of is totally crap. It get all dirty even when i madly wash my hands. And the most fucking annoying thing about this keyboard is the Key "A". Its just badly made. When you press the Key "A" from some angles, it just doesn't work. It's like have some kind of plastic that is misplaced or something, and the key doesn't go down. That's my opinion after using 2-3 years of this shitty keyboard, i hope that no one of you waste tons of money on this shit like i did.

    I'm not an official "english speaker", so i'm sorry for my english errors.

  2. Hello all
    anyone can help me
    I have this keyboard
    "Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2016"
    realy nice machin I love it, but one problem realy noisy, night time imposible played so big sound

    please, anyone tel me whish best keyboard Razer
    "Razer Ornata" or "Razer DeathStalker"

    thanks for any help
    and if you can make video with sound

  3. I fully recommend this keyboard. Seriously, it is awesome and I've never had any issue. Just wash your hands before using the computer. Is it really that hard? In my case I just can not stand the noisy keys of a mechanical keyboard, I just love the feeling of a good nice chiclet keyboard and this is one of the best out there. If you sweat like a pig that is no reason to make an utterly biased review…

  4. I bought this keyboard after watching this video and looking at the comments. Its been a year. I have had no problems. There is never any fingerprints either

  5. Bought this before seeing your video, just wanted to see what others thought of it.

    I think this is great, the build quality doesnt seem bad, for £45.
    The sweat, well thats your problem, yuck. Never had an issue.

    The only issue i have is that i cant change the backlit colour on my model.

  6. I have the Razer Ornata Chroma, and I tried recording some gameplay and in all of them you hear that damn clicking noise. I was just offered a deathstalker in trade, and really am interested in it. But the wrist rest on this one is soft, and comfortable..

  7. I actually really love this keyboard. I personally hate mechanical keyboards. I've never had an expensive mechanical gaming keyboard but I dont want to as other mechanical keyboards have dissapointed me.

  8. personal preference today i paid £130 for k70 and i absolutely hate it the keys are high especially the space bar making it hard to hit c v b with your thumb without hitting spacebar so instead i tried the deathstalker and the smaller keys are perfect for the size of my hand and i find it alot easier to hit the keys than on a mechanical kb. this kb is definetely not uncomfortable on the wrist rest like the guy in the video said its actually more comfortable than the k70 as your wrist stays at a straighter angle to the kb where as the k70 you have to arch your wrist quite high which is uncomfortable for me. also the keys are noisy as hell so if you late night game whilst family is in bed like myself the deathstalker is alot quieter in that department also. but like i say its all personal preference i have none of the problems the youtuber does but i have quite small hands so find the small keys a hell of alot easier to use.

  9. in my opinion, the Razer Deathstalker Essential is the best budget keyboard out there for $50. I use it and it is just as good as the $80 model without the lighting. I do however agree that for $80 you can buy a better keyboard. Good fair and balanced review btw.

  10. Just tried smashing my deathstalker by pushing really fucking hard in the center like you did….Didnt budge 1 bit. Fake review lol. Like everything you complained about, I had no issues with at all

  11. Honestly, i prefer the chiclet typ keys over the clunky mechanical. Im quicker on the chiclet types and my fingers get stuck on mechanical keyboards when trying to move my finger quickly over the keys.

  12. Tech chap ive been using a deathstalker for the last 4 1/2 years. I have 0 problems with this keyboard and i have sweaty hand problems and this does NOT make my hands sweat. This was a really sad review of the keyboard and im sorry you feel the need to "not" recommend it. I hate the clicking loud snapping sound mechanical keyboards make. You didnt even mention there is a dimming mode for the color so you can choose how bright your keyboard is. Every single key on my keyboard still works perfectly fine. I literally do tons of gaming, 1k+ hours FFXIV, 1k+hours Black desert online. LoL, Dota2, Smite, Strife, Battlefield and so on. This keyboard has over 10k hours of gameplay on it with no issues. Yall to busy raging during video games and breaking stuff that you want to blame the product for being "cheap" and crappy. Also who the hell pushes on the middle of their keyboard that hard? I didnt even know my keyboard did that until you showed me and pushed on it super hard in the middle. Stop being a scrub and giving shit reviews on products.