Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard – Detailed unboxing! AWESOME DEAL


Lets check out the Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard. 7 AWESOME COLORS! Check it out with me! 😀 Get Yours here:…



  1. typing this comment with this keyboard right now and i've had it for about 8-9 months now and its perfect, no problems at all! It's shape is a lot like the deathstalker. The only thing i would have wanted them to do better was to put more lighting customisations and then it would be a cheaper version of the deathstalker

  2. I just got this keyboard today. The lighting can definitely be better as it is faded in some places. So far it's bright enough for me to work in the dark which is good enough for me. I just wish I could brighten it.

  3. Hi im new to your channel….I subbed… Although i have one question, I dont know how to turn on num lock for the keyboard it really bothers mw ehen i game….reply asap.

  4. Couldn't afford a good mechanical keyboard, got this 2 weeks ago and I love It! The red strip is annoying since if you set the lights to a different color the strip with stay red and mess up the theme but it is very attractive when you are using the red lights.

  5. This thing is horrible. Don't believe the hype, it's not a budget Razer competitor. Poor tactile response (ESPECIALLY ON THE SPACEBAR), keys feel indistinct to the fingers, no keyboard software, and the backlighting is extremely low quality. You usually get what you pay for, but in this case you get less. Unless you see this keyboard at The Dollar Tree, avoid like the plague.

    (YES. I have the updated K502 model.)