Samsung CFG70 Review – 144 FPS Gaming Monitor (Curved) w/ 1ms Response Time!


Samsung CFG70 Review – 144 FPS Gaming Monitor w/ 1ms Response Time! Full Specs …



  1. One question how does this work if i want to make a video about the monitor but i dont have the money for it can i ask samsung for a free one like u or did u get one becouse of your subs?

  2. 1080p 144Hz isn't that hard to get just turn your games down from Ultra to high and you will be for most games above the 144fps mark on a 1070 and a 1070 is not a beast of a card although you will need something like a 7700k to make sure you get those frame rates but that's a pretty standard build in my opinion. And in games where the frames really matter like CS:GO etc they are built to be light games so even a 1060 or RX 480 can manage over 144fps in those games.

  3. I got this monitor yesterday, and about a couple of hours into use, half of the screen turned permanently yellow – no matter what it is connected to, or whatever cable I use.

  4. Hm…a beast of a machine? No, my PC (i7-2600K @stock clock (no overclocking needed so far!) with 16 GB of RAM) is from 2011 (except for the GTX 1070 AMP Extreme graphics card from Zotac and some harddrives (the old ones CRASHED and "burned" and just didn't run anymore!)) and I can run all games I've come accross at max. details @ 1080p (4K, now that's another beast and I wouldn't want to try that with my system as it was NEVER designed to handle that in the first place!)

    ps: No, I don't have an SSD (and I don't want one either! I don't trust those things, especially after some friends of mine had tons of issues with SSDs breaking within MONTHS of purchase etc.)

  5. Could have used some information on what exactly do you need to take advantage of that 144Hz, such as HDMI only, or DisplayPort only, minimum GTX XXXXX model, etc. You just say you need the right hardware. Thanks, that helps…..

  6. The base of this monitor is unacceptable. It adds an unacceptable amount of distance when it could simply move up and down like an acer predator. I can't really understand why this was designed in this fatal way since you can always bring a z-axis fixed base up front but this monitor makes you unable to retreat the screen to the end of the base, which shows up that something is really wrong with nowadays Samsung designers: don't know if they're on hard drugs or they just want to sink the company. What is clear is that design of this monitor cracks the 100% of the technical advance with this panel, bringing a clear 1 of 10 in design and 7 of 10 in tech, total score is a 4 out of 10. FAIL. "Good job" Samsung.

  7. Wondering if i should buy the 24 or 27in model of this. I know the ppi of a 27in 1080p display is pretty bad but would this being quantom dot counteract this at all? Anyone reading this actually buy either of the models what do you think about it?

  8. 144Hz doesn't necessarely mean 144 FPS, it can also mean 72 FPS (and also 48 FPS even if I don't recommend that much), which is very smooth already and stutters a lot less with vsync enabled. So here is the trick, if you can't benefit of FreeSync, just put it to 144Hz with Vsync on, and lock the framerate to 72 FPS with RivaTuner (I love you RivaTuner please marry me), so when the framerate deeps below 72, instead of having stuttering of 72 Hz refreshrate, you have stuttering of 144Hz refreshrate, which makes triple buffered Vsync stuttering basically twice less pronounced because the time for the frame to be displayed on screen is twice faster. Not the absolute very best experience in the world maybe, but FAR exeedind 60 Hz monitors.