Setup your Chromebook for Web Development


I walk through the steps to install and configure all of the tools you need to be a productive web / Angular developer using a Chromebook. 1. Switch to …



  1. what is the ssh git? at 6:40 mark? I enter that in and it returns install: target 'git' is not a directory

    I don't know what that means… Is that a file you downloaded earlier? If so, which one?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. in the end i dd get my lenovo ARM yoga n23 to run vscode, but i tried so many different things I woudn't have a clue how to do it again.

    Went and bought an old windows laptop with tons of ram and a big processor to do my dev on my lap. Chromebook: not ready for dev use. yet.

  3. Doh! Got as fas as installing the vscode deb package and it said uh oh, you got an ARM not an AMD !
    So frustrating. Looks like ARM not supported.
    I'll have to sell this brand new lenovo chromebook and buy a different cpu one…
    Great article up to that point.

  4. Im VERY new to web development. I've been able to get through the tutorial up to 9:45. I typed git clone and I got a response, " -su git: command not found."
    I signed up for a github in order to complete this tutorial but there's no repository to copy/ paste, so I tried testing the one in your tutorial. Still not working. Can you help me out?

  5. Your directions are absolutely fu*king horrible. Like most online tech directions – you don't give you step-by-step actions, making it PAINFUL to follow.

    BTW – it's crazy to use crouton…it makes much more sense to install GalliumOS or a Chromebook Linux.

    Steve: Don't waste people's time with low quality videos without good content to support. Your supposed 8 steps to install jumps past many CRITICAL steps So if you want to help people – do that with step-by-step instructions that are well explained, and have copy-paste code. This isn't complicated – bad directions make it complicated.

    I've saved you the trouble this time with STEP-BY-STEP DIRECTIONS WITH COPY/PASTE below.

    1. Login:
    Login to normal user account

    2. Reformat Computer:
    Escape + Refresh + Power

    3. Developer Mode:

    4. Download Crouton:

    5. Download Crouton Extension:

    6. Install Linux Ubutu (Bionic version):
    sudo sh ~/Downloads/crouton -t xiwi -r bionic

    7. Install Github Access:
    sudo enter-chroot
    sudo apt install htop ssh git

    8. Install Visual Studio Code
    sudo dpkg -i Downloads/code_1.21.1-1521038896_amd64.deb
    sudo apt install -f

    9. Install NVM (Node Version Manager):
    sudo apt install -f
    sudo apt install curl
    sudo apt-get install curl
    curl o -L | bash

    10. Install Node.js:
    sudo enter-chroot
    nvm list
    nvm install 9

    11. Test Github with Git Clone and Angular:
    cd Downloads
    git clone
    ng serve

    12. Install Github Project:
    yarn global add @angular/cli
    ng serve

    13. Install something?:
    sudo apt install libgtk2.0-0:i386
    xiwi code