Sonic Forces Review


Is Sonic Forces a return to form for 3D sonic or should you run away as fast as you can? Find out in our GameSpot review! Read Matt’s in-depth review at!…



  1. This was the worst boost game yet. It actually makes "Boost to win" want actual phrase. This game is beatable in 3 hours in "hard mode" which isn't the slightest bit difficult. I can't believe all of us were hyped for this game, this was total garbage

  2. Is it just me but Forces gets way too much hate than it deserves. I think Forces is an average Sonic game. One thing that annoys me is that people who like games like Colors, Generations are shitting on this game, especially those who like Colors.

    Colors and Forces in terms of level design and control play very similarly and its a fact. Forces have better gameplay than Colors, as well as content, replayability, and story. Colors fans seriously have no right to shit on this game. Both games are riddled with 2D. Forces have much much better 2D sections than Colors. The 2D sections in Colors are so blocky, slow and linear. It looks like a generic platformer. Forces balance speed, more difficulty, and platforming into the 2D sections. Forces tried to do more 3D than Colors but they were very automated. Colors didn't really have 3D sections at all but they were just a bit better(because of the drift) but this doesn't mean Colors is better.

    As for Generations. Generations is lackluster and shallow. The game is incredibly short. Yes the gameplay is better but Generations is lacking in overall package/content. The story is shit and the content is really fucking bad too. It's simply just a game that has okay gameplay with nothing else to look at. This is 2017!! Games have evolved. Having just gameplay won't cut it. Forces at least has more content, like the OC and the amount of shit you can unlock for it, as well a much better story.

    Hell! They have the same fucking director as Colours. The hate from these fans just gotta stop! I can accept Adventure fans(like myself), Unleashed fans, Heroes fans, Shadow the hedgehog fans and even 06 fans hating on this game.

  3. Does anyone remember a major Mario game being bad or even mediocre? Even Mario's spinoffs are usually over mediocre or even great! Why don't they hire people there at SEGA that can actually make a good quality game? They have such a classic character and they persistently destroy him with their own hands! I mean, I never liked Sonic, but i love SEGA and it's such a shame.

  4. I hate to disagree with you GameSpot, but I don't think Sonic Forces is Mediocre. And you should know some people love Sonic Forces. I mean look at the User Avg 6.6. There's more. I look at the reviews on the Xbox Store. Check it out.

    5 Stars 119
    4 Stars 26
    3 Stars 10
    2 Stars 7
    1 Star 5

    What can I say? Some people like Sonic Forces and some people don't. Plus they are thousands of people who like Sonic Forces. In case you're wondering, why thousands like Sonic Forces even you think Sonic Forces is Mediocre? Simple. They don't give a fuck. You think Sonic Forces is Mediocre? Fine. It's your opinion. But I agree with IGN and Gamer Informer. You wanna hear my opinion? Sonic Forces is the Best Sonic Game… EVER!!! It doesn't matter if Sonic Forces is good or bad. Sonic Forces… is neither. Next time if another Sonic game or any new game comes out, agree what people agree ether they like it or not. And you should know Sonic Forces doesn't mean it's the end of Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. Besides IDW owns Sonic The Hedgehog comics and Sonic The Hedgehog movie is coming out in 2019. I hope the Sonic movie doesn't sucks. Let's not talk about the Sonic movie right now. The point is SEGA should give Sonic The Hedgehog a break IMO. They can stop making new Sonic games for a while say 5-10 years. We rather stick with old school Sonic games for a while. Especially Sonic Mania. Sure I'm a Sonic Fan. But I'm not stupid. Not only I'm a Sonic Fan, I'm also a Mario fan, a Street Fighter fan, a Mortal Kombat fan, a DBZ fan, a TMNT fan, a Marvel fan, a DC fan, and I can be whatever fan. I like DC, but I like Marvel better. I like Battletoads, but I like TMNT better. I like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, but I like DBZ better. I like Star Fox, but I like Star Wars better. Most of all, I like Mario, but I like Sonic better. About the Sonic Haters on YouTube and the Internet, the reason why they think everyone but autistic people hates Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic Fans are the worst, Sonic The Hedgehog is dying, or Sonic The Hedgehog is dead is because ether they're crazy, stupid, or lying. They're jerks. Nothing but Big Fat Stupid Selfish Unkind Disgusting JERKS! The can hate Sonic, but they don't have to be jerks about. They should know not all Sonic Fans are autistic. Thousands of people still like Sonic The Hedgehog, ether they're autistic or not. But they're not idiots. Sonic Fans are not the worst. The only worst around here are the idiots and jerks on YouTube. Idiots and Jerks are the worst people on YouTube and the Internet ever. If they don't like Sonic The Hedgehog, they should keep this hatred of Sonic The Hedgehog to themselves. If they think Sonic The Hedgehog is trash, dying, or dead, they should keep these opinions to themselves. They should mind their business and put a cork in it. If they don't keep this hatred of Sonic or keep these opinions to themselves, fine. But not only they hate Sonic The Hedgehog and being jerks about it, all they care about is violent, blood, and gore video games. They play to much violent video games. Not to mention they care about drinking beer or alcohol, taking drugs, smoking, and having sex. They think they can say bad things about Sonic or any video game franchise and be jerks to anyone and get away with it? I don't think so. You know I can forgive the Sonic Haters or any game franchise hater, if they're not such jerks. Sonic Haters, Idiots, and Jerks are the worst people on Youtube or the Internet. They are very bad people. The cool is not for them. One of these days, saying bad things about Sonic The Hedgehog or any video game franchise is gonna get them into a lot of trouble. They should be send into Military School or Juvenile Hall. They should be taught a lesson. They should be taught some discipline. They should be taught some matters. They got to learn the consequences of their actions. I hope one day they owe me, the Sonic Fans, and good people an apology. Sonic The Hedgehog is not trash, dying, or dead and the Sonic Fans are not the worst. Deal with it. I'm out of here. (SNAP!)

  5. Shitty controls
    Forgetable plot
    Abysmal level design
    Boring bosses
    Lack of player input
    Awful soundtrack
    Unneeded high amount of rings
    Slow avatar gameplay
    Short as hell stages
    Can be beaten in around 3-4 hours and was sold for £40?!?!?

    2.3/10 lacking the basic qualities of sonic generations and fucking up everything else except for some great visuals.

    The worst game I've played this year and not even the boring repetition of shadow of war is this bad.

  6. the way you play the game at the video me to spil blood,sonic forces sure has flaws but not those which are at the video i am a sonic fan but i can review the game better,sonic forces is a 7/10 game which is awesome if you think that this is the first sonic game with the new hedgehog engine 2 and only 3 lvl designers,when the next 3d modern sonic game comes out they will have master the engine and proppbly have the entire sonic team,sonic forces is not perfect it's an ok game not bad neither mediocre

  7. IGN gave it 6.9. A fair score, though maybe a bit generous. Though their review talks about what's good with the game as well as what's a let down. GameSpot's review misses out so much about the game. I'm not saying the game is great. It's disappointing. But GameSpot's review is worse than the game tbh

  8. I was really disappointed with this underwelming game. I think that SEGA is going to get a new team and finally make an open, diverse and non automated Sonic game that will succeed! This would probably be in the workings for a long time though. (Please come to life SEGA!)

  9. This game is great. Sonic games are all about replay-ability, like a racing game; it's like these "reviewers" go thru the tracks one time and say the game is terrible because they had a terrible run

  10. Review by: Darkky

    Pasted for the second time.

    …this game was mediocre. Honest. I know that’s what everyone is saying, but it’s true! For around two years we’ve awaited this game and it’s been in development for like, what? Four years? That’s crazy. The advertisement I can say is really bad. Hooters? Come on, Sega.

    I haven’t explained why it’s mediocre yet, so let’s go!

    The Plot

    We all thought this would be the darkest tone in a Sonic game yet, maybe rivaling Shadow the Hedgehog? I don’t know. I guess that’s “opinionated”. Besides the point, I had high hopes for the plot; extremely excited.

    You had recurring villains from the past games: Shadow, Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Chaos. I swear to god, I almost cried with joy, why? I won’t explain it… but I love Zavok by the way -that’s a first-.

    Apparently Eggman has taken over the world due to the power of the Phantom Ruby, of which, is in Infinite’s chest. Infinite defeated Sonic and our lovable blur was sent to prison aboard the Death Egg, where he was tortured for six months.

    He comes back, and he acts as if everything was normal. Cracking jokes and puns, but I will say one thing: what were the developers thinking? Sonic is my favorite character, but god, the way he acted in this ominous plot ruined it for me. I disliked Sonic’s character to a degree in this. Silver or Rouge was preferable.

    Classic Sonic comes back, he kicks Eggman’s ass, he leaves. Still no reason why he should be here. Muaw~ Nostalgia.

    You also have your own Custom Hero you can make and edit. My personal opinion? I don’t like it. I know others love it, but it isn’t the thing for me. I want to play as Sonic and go on his adventures, not some lifeless avatar that only grunts and whimpers from time to time. Not to mention the bond with Sonic… I do like the outfits though, I’ll give it that.

    Sonic and the Custom Hero defeat Infinite for the third and final time, but he just… vanishes like that. Did they kill him? Or are we going to see more of him in the future?

    Oh, did I mention that the villains were a fake? Just illusions. They were never there except for the real Shadow. The fact that Chaos served no purpose but to get one-shotted by the Classic Sonic that really served no purpose.

    I feel as if there were many things left out. The story? Hey, I guess it’s an A for Effort.

    The Gameplay and Visuals

    Hooo, boy…

    Sonic games have a history for terrible gameplay. Is this better, you say? Yeah. I guess it’s alright.

    But then you have levels that really serve the meaning of Boost to Win and last only a minute or two. This is lacking quality over quantity. There are thirty stages in the game where Sonic, Classic Sonic, and the Custom Hero traverse throughout.

    The visuals are stunning, but on the Nintendo Switch, some would have to disagree. When on the Handheld mode, it runs on 30fps. Doesn’t matter though, as when hooked up to a TV, it’ll run at 720p. For Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it runs at 1080p.

    Boss Battles? Eh. Unsatisfying. You don’t fight Chaos or even the fake Shadow. Just Zavok, Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Infinite. There’s only eight bosses in the game, and you fight Infinite three times. They were okay to be honest with you. The final boss was another rehash of Colors and Lost World. Great thinking, Sonic Team.

    The Music

    Like any other Sonic game, you can expect legendary music. This was one of those games. Although some tracks like Casino Forest are bland, it’s totally opinionated. Not much to say about this part, but the standouts for me is definitely Sunset Heights and Light of Hope. But they did overuse the synths in this game.


    Sonic Forces was a game I had waited a long time for, and in the end, I feel like the wait wasn’t worth it. I don’t dislike Forces, but I don’t love it. It’s just… bland. In my way, it’s unfinished. Sonic doesn’t have an idle animation, Eggman has no lines during the final boss, Infinite… I feel like he was just there. In Episode Shadow, he seems to go berserk after Shadow calls him weak, and guess what happens?

    Sonic Forces happens. The whole reason Infinite is Infinite is because of that encounter with Shadow. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t feel satisfying. There’s also many questions to be answered like:

    Why is part of Green Hill a desert? How is Knuckles the leader? Don’t mention the prequel comics; I’ve read them. Why was Infinite in a test tube in the opening when in Episode Shadow it shows him taking the Phantom Ruby and inserting it in himself. And, my god, where is my dose of SonAmy?!


  11. This game got a 5 from me as well I can do boost from the other 3 games but this game after I beat it I didn't want to play it again Sonic Team needs some staff switch up before the next game cause I see there was no passion put in this product compare to Mania.

  12. so, you're saying one of its downsides is the fact that its slightly more challenging in the platforming areas? isn't that what people were wanting from a sonic game again? pfft, cant please them.

  13. Now I don't really think the game is that good either, but I feel like some of the areas where he criticized the platforming or puzzles were just his own damn fault. Don't call the game bad because you suck lol.