Sumvision Sonic Wave RGB Gaming Keyboard Unboxing & Review


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  1. Top video with great image quality ! I hope someone can help me with anti-ghosting – can anyone tell me if the numpad0, rightctrl and rightshift keys work when pressed with two cursor keys ? Like [ uparrow + leftarrow + numpad0 ] or [ uparrow + rightarrow + rightctrl ] etc. ?

  2. I would recommend not buying this keyboard it does not work for long gaming the keys take a tad bit of an effort to press cannot tell anti-ghosting and space bar is just a toxic thing that ruins the keyboard if it was a "my first keyborad" sure yeah why not buy it its in a way worth it providing I've had this keyboard for a year and I have only two problems being the space bar and just the generall finger force it takes on certain keys if it's hard to tell the difference from my 1 year version of this keyboard to a brand new one but hey ho it is your budget and box standard keyboard. ps wrist pad isn't the most useful or comfortable could have done with a bit of an extension and maybe a type of softer material
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  3. I just subbed because you're so good at reviews 😀
    What your current/default keyboard? (The one already connected, in the background)

    and please do a 2k17 setup video! that would be great!