Tested: Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


What makes a good mechanical keyboard? And why are peripheral companies releasing new gaming keyboards so frequently? Patrick and Norm discuss the …



  1. I can't stand people saying, "mechanical keyboards are different because they have a mechanical switch under every key". Of course there are switches under every key! That is what makes it a keyboard. If there weren't switches under every key I bet you would be pretty upset, mechanical switches or not.

  2. I love how they didn't mention that you're only paying $180 for individual RGB key lighting and independent macro keys. A perfectly good brand name mechanical keyboard, even with a num pad, only costs $100-$120. If you're willing to go off brand that becomes $70-$90.

  3. "Razer won't screw up their reputation with the gaming community" I guess it's technically true because its hard to get a worse reputation than they already have with their terrible customer support and that most of their products don't make it 6 months past the warranty expire date

  4. I can't speak for everyone within the custom/ modded keyboard community that I am proudly a part of, but we don't solely use mechanical keyboards because they "feel nice" or look like they are for "gaming", a lot of us enjoy a nice looking keyboard after we mod or build one or just buy one, and some of us love the click of the perfect switch for us. But the main reason I can not go back to anything membrane, or the reason why, when i'm doing an all day writing task within school I will bring in a keyboard, is because of the consistency, i always know exactly when each key will actuate, I can trust my keyboard will always work at the exact same point, it gets to where my key switch feels as if it is just an extension of my body, I can comfortably use my clicker for hours and enjoy every second. In future, please get your information correct or simply declare you don't know 100% about what you are talking about because one of the large things that this community hates is the outsider view of razer has "gaming" and "clicky" on the box, there fore it's a worthy buy, or "it lights up and all the faze members use it there for i must have one". We aren't just random people who obsess over meaningless things and are what most consider "gamers", we just enjoy our keyboards since we use them so much, so please don't just go in with a background of just "gaming" keyboards and then act as if you know all about the mechanical keyboard community, if you would like to know more please by all means go to Reddit's /r/mechanicalkeyboards, we will happily help any one knew out who wants to know more. We just don't like people who don't do their research and then claim they know everything.

    There is a method to our madness.

  5. Is it so wrong that I'm still using my good old rubber dome Dell keyboard for gaming?… and I have 3 of them, since 15 years ago and they still work… these mechanical keyboards are lame. too pricey, and probably won't last.

  6. Good mechanical keyboards have easily replaceable parts that for the most part don't need to be replaced for a long long time.
    Most of the professional business computer companies like Microsoft and Logitech have lousy keyboards across the board in regards to pretty much all aspects of what makes a valuable mechanical keyboard. This video presents a version of a Logitech keyboard with their standard of a proprietary key replacement that is not compatible with the industry standard. Even if you love the non-standard keyboards from many of these companies, do you honestly think their maintenance and repair will be better than the ones that are closer to standard? Like the video says the present cheap boards won't last five years and the best ones you have will last over 10 years easily.

  7. What i learnt from this. people who dont have razer keyboards say they are unreliable and break, people who see these comments who own razer keyboards then say how good they have found theirs with very few owners saying theirs was bad. lastly, lots of counter strike players think they are the best gamers in the world and will take any oppertunity to say its not the keyboard but how good you are because they think they are so good at gaming.

  8. I've had nothing but issues with kaihl switches. Sometimes you get a good one, other times they just are shit more often than not. Even with mice that used kaihl, double clicking was a huge issue with them.

  9. have the corsair k70 rgb, not that happy with it. software is annoying. sometimes not working well because of that. customizable RGB is cool for the 1st week only. bought the ducky shine 5, not more of the software bull shit. easier to clean. trust me everything sticks to that brushed aluminum and it is extremely hard to wipe it clean.

  10. So, seeing we have a lot of really knowledgeable people in this thread:
    I want a wireless keyboard that uses mechanical switches. I prefer no or few 'multimedia' keys, and don't ever use macro keys. It needs to have a range of at least a couple meters, preferably 5+, and a good connection speed.
    Hit me.

  11. I currently have the Havit Magic Eagle HV-KB346L. I took one of the keys out and it looks just like the one shown at 1:22. But i paid a lot for it. I paid about $100.00 USD for it. Maybe even $130.00 USD. I want to get a new one that will have micro keys and be very reliable for gaming purposes. Any suggestions??? Anything would be a big help.

  12. I love my Logitech G810! The Romer-G switches feel wonderful to type on and are quieter compared to most cherry mx switches. The only defective product I got from them was the G710+ keyboard that had awful keycap breakage problems but most of their products are reliable and lasts a long time.

    I tried Razer and bought the 1st set of "Chroma" branded ones in 2014 and my experiences were: Deathadder Mouse = was great and felt nice, loved the shape and feel, Blackwidow KB = felt sticky to type on (even when comparing to other brands) and spacebar broke after a year, Kraken Headset = felt super plasticy and heavy, mic was decent but sound was awfully bass heavy.