The Best Gaming Mice Under $25 – October 2016!


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  1. 6:30
    Just letting you guys know this mouse is shit. I bought one a couple of months ago, and although the mouse looks great aesthetically, it breaks easily. I had my for only 2 months, when the right click was out of place. After looking at it, it had a small piece holding it together, a really cheap plastic material which breaks easily. I would not recommend this mouse for an fps because of the latency as well.

  2. I purchased the Tecknet Raptor mouse per recommendation in this video and its NOT good! I would suggest something else.
    -The plastic construction is extremely slick
    -it sits too low in your hand
    -the buttons require more pressure than they should
    -the scroll wheel isn't notchy at all and is hard to tell how far its going
    -the light stays on all the time
    -overall its just a very cheap mediocre at best crappy mouse. There are MANY better mice even at just $10. Aula makes a couple of better mice for $10.

    Since I should… the positives for this mouse are:
    -2 year warranty
    -nice braided cable with integrated velcro tie
    -good overall shape although I wish it sat a little taller (might be better for kids, but it is a little long for short hands)