The Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor? | LG 34UC79G-B


Taking a look at a 34″ Ultrawide Curved 144Hz 1ms Response time Gaming monitor with FreeSync! Its pretty damn good… ▻34UC79G-B: …



  1. It's also one of the very few Freesync monitors (only 7 models in total) that offer any MBR option similar to ULMB found on all Gsync monitors, so definitely one of the better choice when using an AMD GPU.

  2. april 28, 2017 price on amazon $529, 2560 by 1080, look like 4ms but may often do 6ms, {1ms on only motion blur- dont be misled] . Ed did this video in dec, 2016- today there are many much better asus and acer monitors than this

  3. Hey, man. I'm in the market for an ultrawide that I can game on, but also use as a tv for my ps4. I want to use the ps4 to watch Netflix, Amazon prime, and blurays on. Will this monitor do the job? if not, what do you suggest besides having a tv and a monitor?

  4. Ive saved up for a I7 6700, GTX1070, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 200GB SSD, 2TB PC now I think Im going to save up for this monitor, im assuming the PC will be good enough to play games on it right? Can someone confirm? Any ideas what settings ill be able to play on such display? Also would it be a possibility to wall mount it?