The best Xbox One games – 20 of this generation’s must-play titles


Overall, the last three and a half years have been kind to Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment system, and that’s largely thanks to Microsoft listening to what fans had to say and acting on their criticisms. 

The company trimmed down the original Xbox One to create the smaller, 4K and HDR-capable Xbox One S and, recently, Microsoft lifted the curtain on the new high-powered Xbox One X that will bring us even greater things with promises of virtual reality and native 4K gaming rather than just upscaling. 

Still, as good as the future looks you shouldn’t let that stop you from enjoying the great games that are available right now (and don’t forget you might be able to pick some of them up in the Black Friday sales if you’ve fallen behind). Whether you’re looking for a high-octane adventure, a thrilling driving experience, a top quality first person shooter, or a left-field indie title you’ll be able to find it on Xbox. 

With such a large and diverse library of games at our thumb tips, it’s not easy to narrow them down into a ‘best of’ list but someone had to do it. 

So, all that said, whether you’re still running a 500GB launch console, have just picked up an Xbox One S, or you’re scouting out what you’ll be able to get if you decide to pick up Project Scorpio, our guide to the best Xbox One games will help you make the most of your console. We’re always updating it, too, so you’ll never fall behind on the latest and greatest releases. 

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