The Dell 8K Monitor: Gaming in 8K?


Dell UP3218K is officially out! Dell 8K Display: Other hardware shown: Maingear…



  1. Couple of questions as I'm thinking of buying one. Have you tried to play PUBG on it, if so does the game even support 8k resolutions, and what kinda framerates do you get with your GPU?

  2. Q1 : gaming on 8K monitor+ recorded on 1K youtube + watching it on my 4K laptop. so what actually i am watching know?…………………………… time starts now ……

  3. You got me at editing. Litteraly everyone will have 8k or above once the standard market modernizes. That means developers will be using similar editing software that is designed around the 8k standard. Everything will be better, but from this video, we need a serious frame rate revolution if we are even going to come close to real life imagery.

  4. I wonder if getting an 8K monitor would give a boost to general productivity. I don't play play games anymore and I don't do photo or video editing. That said, getting a 4K monitor was incredibly useful, as now I can fit many apps in one monitor, e.g. Excel and a browser window. I'm thinking 8K is an overkill and will continue to be so for at least 5 years from today.