The Difference between Web Designer & UI/UX Designer


In this video I explain the differences between a web designer and a UI/UX designer.



  1. In the current market, web designers need to be, maybe not so straight, a UX person. For me, it's pretty obvious, it's a trend that already has been turned into a must thing. For me, a web designer should be able to create interfaces, then, he/she should be a UI designer naturally.

  2. Hi Mike I don't intend to work in this field but I do intend to make a website to sell my invention that prevents night time leg cramps. It's simply a device you wear to bed at night that stops you from waking up with cramps. Bottom line is I need to get a website going myself that can be useful and get the job done and promoted rather than pay someone and I quote $27,000 to do that for me. I have 17 years left on my patent so I have a bit of time. Now if someone out there can make me a good website for a reasonable cost I would like to hear from you.

  3. i am keen to study either web or ux design. but i am not sure if i do ux, do i need to have website design background? my background is print graphic design and now it's hard for me to get jobs as mostly are digital now. should I do webite first you think? thank you

  4. hi can you give me ideas , I am ui developer, my experience is 5 years but not MCA qualifications only BA and I want to job after 2 years in abroad so please suggest me can I take job without MCA in abroad, please give me

  5. you xplain all i need to know bro, im so hyped now cus possibilities r endless for us. i come from a bg of graphic design like urself and am doing this for over 10 years so just wanted to thank u for boostinng my confidence!

  6. great video, what about if you have done web design and now UI/UX design and interaction design, what is that title, visual designer? I think if you are doing all of these you should not limit yourself to a single title, i like to be a full stack interactive designer, your toughs?

  7. Great video. Yes, I agree with some of the feedback below that the sound isn't great, but the content is worth straining to hear it! My question is, how do you even figure out what is possible by engaging a UI/UX designer?