The TOP 6 Budget Gaming Mice for 2017!


Here are the TOP 6 budget oriented gaming mice for 2017! For once, these 6 cheap gaming mice are coming from my experience of using them while gaming so …



  1. For my experience, i can really tell that my HP Omen With Steelseries
    mouse is a perfect option for anyone in the low to mid range gamers. bough it for 60€ for my local computers and Electronics store.

  2. I paused the video to say this . move your keyboard to the left and your over sized mouse pad to the right some it is bothering me that your keyboard and mouse keep colliding…

  3. Okay, there are just so many problems with this video. Everything that he says that is true is opinionated, he can't pronounce any words (like ergonomic) he called this a top 10 video at the starting, the mice in the video are not 'budget' (not to mention he got a chroma mouse), and he misses so many features that the mice have, like braided cables, side buttons, dpi, etc. All the videos he makes are complete trash, I don't even understand how he got sponsored.

  4. Dude tell us your rank on cs go and then talk about lasera vs optical precisions, they are both very accuratate and i think it comes down to preference. I used laser for ages now and i found them really good, they have a nice buttery feel if I can say so, so again tell us you rank on Cs go then you can give advice about accurcy lol, if you didn't know pros use laser mouses for years in Cs go, take example the steel series sensei for example

  5. I keep losing focus on what you're saying because I can't help but continuously notice how incredibly low you have your sensitivity/dpi set to! How do you even game like that? You'd have to lift your hand multiple times just to turn around!