Thin, Powerful Gaming Laptop – MSI GS63VR Review


The GS63VR from MSI is our first GTX 1060-equipped gaming laptop. And man, are we impressed… TunnelBear message: TunnelBear is the easy-to-use VPN …



  1. Question, I have the same laptop and whenever I launch games the laptop heats up like crazy, I haven't messed with any other files or anything that could prevent this heat, can anyone please help me, also my task manager says that my CPU usage it in the 70-90 always, even with google chrome open, I have no idea how to fix this

  2. Can someone give me some input, I'm looking for a good engineering/some gaming laptop:

    Its between this, and the HP Spectre x360 15, I love the MSI for the raw power but not the battery life. I want the HP for Battery and 4k and 2in1, knowing it's not graphically inclined. Plus it's the MSI i7-7700HQ vs the HP i7-7500, Quad vs dual hyperthreading, I really can't decide. I'll be running ACAD and MATLAB programs for engineering.

  3. the temperatures are not cool, compared to the asus rog strix, which runs pretty hot. in fact, the strix has much better heat layout.. thing.. it keeps important areas of the keyboard cool. and still, I returned it because it was too hot.
    and this is the new max-q generation of laptops that are supposed to run cooler?

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  5. Hey Linus and youtube community (: Looking forward to buy this laptop, any recomendations on how to ewmove all the bloatware it comes with?? (PS: In newegg it's refurbished for 1050 USD ^^)

  6. This is a piece of crap. If you have used it properly on your laps you would notice that it gets deformed and then broke quite fast! if you find that out in your review I would never ever buy this piece of crap; This piece of shit can be used as desktop only!

  7. PSA: don't buy from Best Buy. I got one from there and the display is awful. Apparently Best Buy stocks a specific model with a lower quality display. Maybe this was common knowledge but I haven't seen it in any of the reviews!

  8. i'll never buy an msi laptop again. I had a gs70 stealth, battery mutated and overheated, keyboard stopped working. Overall nightmare for the price & hassle of replacement/repair etc. You can tell if you are computer savvy that they use cheap ass parts.

  9. As someone who has built PC's since the days of 286's (yes, I'm middle aged) and thought gaming and laptops mentioned in the same sentence was a sin, I broke down and bought this exact laptop from my local BestBuy to see if things had changed. I can honestly say that things HAVE changed, FOR THE BETTER! I'm done gaming on desktops and my current one will now become an email server. End of story.

  10. Don't know about the Magix software they packed into that machine, but Magix is a company which took over the production and distribution of the Vegas Pro video editing suite (formerly a Sony product). Vegas Pro has been a competitor to Adobe Premiere for a long time, although Sony let it fall behind in recent years until it was recently acquired by Magix. MSI are notorious for packing bloatware in their machines. I had a MSI GS workstation for many years until it suddenly died on me and I switched over to a Asus ROG Strix.