Thoughts on learning Front End Web Development




  1. hi,

    thank you so much for sharing. Please keep making videos like these, truly helps a lot. I'm a college student, and really love web development. But i can't manage school life with web development. I want to get a job as web development, but my parent's are persuading me to finish college then apply for web development. I'm actually majoring in computer science. I think getting a degree in computer science in order to get a job as web developer is insane. I feel like i should drop out of college, and just focus on web development, so i get job as a web developer as soon as possible. I'm 21 now, and i don't want to finish school then starting learn web development because companies' require portfolio and experience. it be great if could help me out please. And again, thank you so much for the video. take care and be safe.

  2. thanks a lot.I am encouraged to continue reading Professional JavaScript for Web devolopers 3rd Edition, because it introduces the basics of JavaScript and is really helpful.