TOP 5: Best Gaming Monitor 2017


TOP 5: Best Gaming Monitor 2017 ▻Acer Predator XB271HU ☆US Prices – ☆UK Prices – ☆CA Prices …



  1. i had to fast forward and rewind to know what products you were talking about, also showing a blurry overwatch didn't show me anything … iliked how at the beginning you showed the monitor in the real world because we aren't going to see any difference on ANY monitor in any game you have to record the monitor in a real world setting to show the difference. No one seems to do this though 🙁

  2. for amd freesync the best monitor in my opinion is the benq xl2730z…way better than asus and viewsonic and such…no QC issues whatsoever with excellent features and the best tn panel i have come across

  3. The CFG70 24 inch deserves a placement, it has amazing colors with its quantum dot technology. The refresh rate at 144hz is great for gaming, along with the 1ms response time. It has no discernable color shift or backlight bleed, and the curved screen is incredible.