Video Interview: Amna Moudoodi (38th Position – CSS 2015)


Another session of CSS Video Counseling! Join us to know the success secrets of Amna Moudoodi who secured 38th position in CSS 2015.



  1. kindly…. aspirant ka special subject aur combination of subjects bhe pocha krein nd at first…. plz do it.. It may not only good for aspirants but also for u in conveying nd giving students more courage to do so…. thanku in advance

  2. AOA dear sr g kya men DMC (detail marks sheet )pr CSS men appear ho skta ho q k men DND kr rha ho Aur mera 2year studies after intermediate complete ho chuka he kya men 2 studies k result k bahd CSS men appear ho skta he
    please help me and reply soon

  3. i can't believe 15 to 16 hours of study,being a med school student we are suppose to study max 4 hours a day to get a good grade but this girl is on another level.
    i just wanna say kinda be honest tell the truth and the truth is that she studied 15 to 16 hours during last weeks before exam.
    i saw another interview in which a SSP was saying that he studied for 3 months 3 hours a day but with dedication and complete efforts and did all of the syllabus, which resulted in success.
    guys there is one thing u need dedication and hardwork.

  4. Very inspiring and sincere tips especially only focusing on CSS major papers on daily basis like English essay and English composition; and elevating the stress related to reading daily news papers.