Web Design and Web Developer What Do I Have to Say About This? I started in 1999


Are you looking to get into web design or looking to be a web developer? What if I told you that I started designing and developing websites all the way back in …



  1. Damn. I guess I'm wasting my time making web design tutorials on YouTube because of WordPress lol. The only problem that I can say with template generators is that you lose the ability to original since other people can buy and use the same template. And I do believe that some projects require attention that a template can't offer. But for general and basic websites, templates seem to be the most efficient option.

  2. If you haven't already can you do a video on how to get a job into Networking without any experience? I'm in a IT 9 month course and I'm down in May. I'm looking into Networking, also what would be a good way to start in the IT field to gain experience?

  3. That's spooky, back then I bought the book 'SAMS Teach Yourself HTML in 24 hours' and wrote websites in notepad. It was a real advantage back then, optimising code to make sites run quickly, when everyone was pretty much using 56k dial up, with the exception of those lucky folks with ISDN!

    Great topic Zak, good job!