– Web Design – How do I prepare files for a web developer?


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  1. The shirt issue Jose is some time ago you made a statement that you never wear the same shirt twice… So when I see you wear a shirt twice it makes me think I've already watched the episode when I really haven't.

  2. Definitely use photoshop as it is the industry standard (although fireworks is gaining ground). Keep assets in Groups (layer groups) and colour coding is a good idea (hadn't thought of that). Make sure your groups and layers are NAMED and not just layer 1, layer 2, layer 2 copy etc (this is infuriating! and it's amazing how many people just don't do it!).

  3. I've followed discussions on linkedin that say that not Photoshop but Adobe Fireworks is the actual indicated tool for visual designers that specialize in web design. The issue being that many designers that initially learn Photoshop or AI find it challenging to invest the time to learn a new tool even if it's the better tool for the trade. Any comments ?