Web Design Speed Art #3 – Travel Site (#Elementor, #Photoshop)


This is some serious next-level NINJA web design action right here! Pay close attention, because this is some of the best Photoshop + Elementor web design skills you are ever going to see….



  1. Thanks for the informative videos but It is hard to follow since the video is going too fast. If you really like to show your knowledge & Elementor please play normal speed videos for all your future tutorials, thanks.

  2. I LOVE these designs! Very inspiring! But I would absolutely love this by way of (real time, please!!) tutorials. From a marketing perspective: it shows that Elementor is not just a page builder. It is a design tool.

  3. Nice video. Makes it look so easy! I do have one question: Is it better to center the text on mobile? All the example sites seem to be doing this. However, the ragged edge on both the left and right side looks odd to me, and I read an article about UX / design that said centering text isn't a good idea for that very reason — it's harder to read. So, do people prefer centered text or think it looks better/more modern? Again, just wondering why so many sites/templates are doing it.