Web Design Speed Art – Movie Site | Buy Tickets | Watch Movies – in Adobe Xd


Web Design Speed Art – Movie Site | Buy Tickets | Watch Movies – in Adobe Xd Todays video is for a all in one movie site. You can buy movies on the site, look at …



  1. I want to be a ux designer. Gonna major in graphic design and minor in comp sci and human computer interaction (major isn't taught at my school so have to minor) I transfer in the fall so I will definitely be learning all about design etc. I want to know on top of this application, what other applications can and will I use so I can continue to learn so once I graduate I have the skills? And also is what I'm doing in school sound good? I've been researching ux and ui design for about a year and I believe I've created the best education path to get jnto the field. Any advice or comments on my comment would be great! Thank you and great work! When I start to us Xd I will definitely use your work as inspiration.

  2. Just discovered your channel and I find it amazing, your designs are extremely beautiful and clean. I am an aspiring web designer and developer and I would like to know a few things. Did you teach yourself everything you do? If yes can you tell me some good resources? How long did it take? Are you making a living out of this?

  3. Hey Caler, I have an question.
    I just installed Adobe Xd and designed a nice little design.
    Anyway I would like it to be my main website (already bought the domain & hosting)
    but the only options I get to export is for PNG or SVG.
    How do I make it html?