Web Design Speed art + Speed Code – Clothing Store


Web Design Speed art + Speed Code – Clothing Store – Ecommerce This is a photo heavy ecommerce web design speed art and speed code. The design is for …



  1. You make the absolute best speed design and code vids on YouTube. Great content and editing, plus you post tutorials, source codes, and psd files for free. I've learned so much just watching you and I just started coding…thanks so much!

  2. It's awesome, Caler. But this web will not be responsive, isn't it? Why dont you use some frameworks (Bootstrap, Material Design Lite) to have the flexible grid instead of "hard width" 40% for all screen size?

  3. This is really great man. How much do you charge people for stuff like this? and how do you give them the site? do you just give them a picture of each page and the code for it? im kinda new to this stuff just wondering 🙂