Web Designing in Telugu – Complete Tutorial in 7 Hours


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  1. bro this is my mail address can I have your what's app number if you fell uncomfortable to share your contact details here please mail me……I hope to meet such great person…I will be wounding to get your response….

  2. bro great job you have been hard working well………chettha channels ki subscribers perigipothunnaru but milaaga fact chepthu nijaani cheppavallu jannaalaki reach up avvalekapothunnaru….mi channel top 10 lo vundaalani and vuntundhani manaspurthi ga korukuntunnanu

  3. sir nenu mee Web Designing vedio chusanu & chala chala chala bagundi ; nenu naa pc lo only heading, articles, paragraphe cheyagalugu tunna, but font style & background colour set chestunte, nenu ready chesina web page total blank avutundi .sir, give me ur reply
    Thanking u sir

  4. Anna
    me Voice super and tutorial super I have one doubt this programs notepad++ link how does it works next one is header h1 and h3 floating is not coming one by one one after one. I saw the tut video but I didn't find the solution pls help me Anna.
    from Hosur

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