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  1. Hello Ecourse Review , i have learnt about four programaing languages html , css , javascript, boostrap,and little bit about jquery, can i get job as web developer , if i get a job, how much salary wil i get?

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  3. For those who want more information-
    WordPress websites have considerably higher demand than Joomla, but Joomla websites are still in demand.However should prioritise WordPress.
    Can maximise income by using freelance sites, there are many available.
    Can also learn SEO and other skills linked to web development that you can charge. It also shows clients the return on their websites or investments.
    Make Blogs or Youtube videos.
    Connet with other developers to learn skills.

    Great video but lacking detail.

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  5. I have no idea why this video would get any thumbs down. It was made for people thinking about getting into the field; not for arrogant people already in the field. I got 100% of the information I was searching for. I wish I can give them more thumbs up. I really appreciate being told to contact local web development companies; I've never thought about that before. Good job Ecourse Review