Web Development : Myth vs Reality (in Hindi) | LIVE


Live seminar from 10:00 AM (Sunday, 9th July 2017) on Web Development : Myth vs Reality (in Hindi) This seminar will cover the misunderstandings of students on Web development and how to be…



  1. Dear Shahid/Saurabh sir,
    Really your youtube channels are amazing and the best part is you describe every topic from scratch.You all are really doing great job. Just I would like to thank both of you for this incredible help.

  2. I really liked your seminar and I appreciate your  patience to deal with these negative comments.  I meant ( Rs100)  is nothing. Anybody can afford it. people spent a lot of money on other things. I don't know why they are expecting everything for free. Buddy, Nothing is free in this world. Anyway, Thank you for you help Mr. Khan. I am happy that I am learning from you and you always give us good tips. To be honest with you whatever you are doing not everybody can do it.

  3. Sir I am in the 1st year of bca… Sir I am bit confused what to learn for web application developer… Starting from html, html5, css, css3, Javascript, then what are the things I must learn to be a complete package of web application development can you please list them step wise?? And thanks sir for making such a channel for helping us… It is very helpful for us!!