What Can a $1,500 Gaming Laptop Do?


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  1. Okay guys so recently I actually purchased this computer model (the p670) but with a GTX 1070 and it's everything you could ever want in life. Honestly this is probably one of the most solid buys I've ever made and I really do recommend this computer if you're looking for a reply high end gaming computer that looks absolutely beautiful. It's a new age and honestly if I went back to a tower computer at this point I very well might throw up. This runs any game at maximum graphics and doesn't bat an eyelash in terms of frame rate. On top of all the it doesn't look like a five year old's toy. If your like 12 and never leave your house ever, you have a right to complain about portability. However if you literally ever go outside, you'll realize how much of a good time these things really are.

  2. Sorry but the biggest turnoff is none of these gaming laptops have cd drives, you have to buy way too many peripherals especially if you are uncomfortable with the laptop keyboard and touch pad.

  3. There's a lot of questionable edits in this. I like the intro with the UPS truck, and the first insertion of the music but we get a lot of really quick cuts to that music interspersed with no music at all and it's not the best. Also, we do cuts that resolve into nothing interesting, like, we see your buddy looking at the PC from behind the laptop's screen, then we cut to the same thing. There no need for that, why do a cut at all there? Show an establishing shot if you want but when you cut, resolve to something meaningful afterwards. You also throw the music in really loudly after some quiet, kind of hard to hear speaking. Try to keep your audio levels more consistent to make your videos easier to watch.

    I would say try to watch your videos objectively to observe where there might be lulls or problems with the general flow, it can be difficult with any art to be objective but at the same time don't tear yourself apart either. I know a lot of us are our own worst critics, despite anything positive that others might say. You can learn a lot as well by watching other people's videos from a wide array of genres.

    Also I watched a bunch of your videos today and you played CS:Go in a lot of them, I don't think most people have any question that a 1500, 2000 dollar laptop is going to be able to play CS:Go really well.

    These are cool videos, it's nice to see what these machines low, mid, and high end can do outside of purely stat based information, really useful stuff for anyone considering buying a new laptop. Trying to provide useful, honest, factual information while still being entertaining and not just dumping on everything is very difficult and I appreciate that you're trying to do that. This is a valuable service and I wish you success. Thanks and good luck!