Where to Start When Learning Web Development


I was recently asked: “can you guide me on what to do first? I’m a complete beginner at web development”. Here’s my answer. Enroll in PHP 101 here: …



  1. I like your approach in advising people mentioned in your video "just like us"ready to make a buck ,self-dependent & don't like to be said what to do etc…But when it comes to learning ! we have to accept it!…I have already enrolled in some courses,like world press, Edex.,I found there courses are fine.I am learning; HTML ,CSS,javascript..but i am stuck in a small particular problem.I am using Visual studio to write the HTML from the exercise of the course ,but I cannot see it in my default browser after enabling the default browser on.can you explain to me why?

  2. I like your way of " knowledge interpretation " i.e. how you explain things about web development. Non-pretentious, down-to-earth explaining things to people who really want to learn. About "frustration" i have is when i recently start to learn WP. Opened some file and didnt recognized code in it. First of, i took first line of code and google it. Found out its from bootstrap. So now, before continuing learning WP i'm currently learning bts. Got good knowledge of html, js, jq, css, php(no framework) that in fact when i show some of my work to my friend who is professional dev he was surprised. His basic remarks about it looks and not how it performs, and here we come to my predicament since i'm pretty sh* about making things look good so his answer to me is to learn wp because in it community already did things to look good. As a example, checks in forms in my "projects" have all been done by my own regexp knowledge since i come from c and c++ language so manipulation with actual data is easy for me, on the other hand, things to look good is anathema for me. Keep doing what your doin' man and dont change thing about it. Peace out 🙂

  3. Can you give me some tips how can i improve logic skills.After some days when i doesn't revise i am totally blank so plz john sir make a episode for this problem because i m not only one who have that kind of problem.